Kelvin Hunter, the ex-husband of talk show host Wendy Williams, arrived at court for the first round of their alimony battle, stirring up quite the storm with his unexpected approach. Kelvin chose to represent himself, known as “pro se,” during the court proceedings. The decision to forego legal representation raised eyebrows and left many wondering about his strategy.

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Following a recess in the court proceedings, Kelvin took to a live stream, delivering a rambling monologue that left viewers captivated and bewildered. In his unfiltered address, Kelvin made some bold statements, including a threat to unveil the real reason behind Blac Chyna’s appearance in the “Where is Wendy Williams” documentary.

During the stream, Kelvin expressed frustration over what he perceived as a lack of change in Wendy’s financial and mental condition since the controversial documentary’s release. He asserted that he could not be the one to save Wendy, suggesting that only she could make the necessary changes in her life.


However, Kelvin didn’t stop there. He hinted at future plans, tantalizingly telling his detractors to “stay tuned” for what he had in store.

The live stream, which quickly made rounds on social media platforms, sparked a flurry of reactions from fans and observers alike. Some praised Kelvin’s candor and outspokenness, while others questioned his motives and tactics in the ongoing legal battle.

Watch below. Thoughts?