Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Ja Rule and Sei Less Restaurant joined forces to host a heartwarming Mother’s Day luncheon for 40 mothers and their children impacted by the criminal justice system.

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Held at Sei Less Restaurant in Manhattan, the private luncheon treated guests to a sumptuous feast featuring the restaurant’s most popular menu items. Ja Rule and Sei Less co-founder Ivi Shano partnered with The Ladies of Hope Ministries and REFORM Alliance to organize the event, ensuring the mothers had an unforgettable celebration.

As the mothers enjoyed their meal, Ja Rule personally engaged with them, sharing his own experiences with the criminal justice system, listening to their stories, and capturing moments through photos.


The Ladies of Hope Ministries and REFORM Alliance are dedicated to supporting individuals affected by incarceration, providing essential resources, and advocating for systemic change in the criminal justice system.

Sei Less Restaurant, known for its acclaimed Asian Fusion cuisine and community involvement, has previously collaborated on philanthropic efforts, including a holiday giveback event with hip-hop artist Lola Brooke in 2023.

Through initiatives like the Mother’s Day luncheon, Ja Rule, Sei Less Restaurant, and their partners continue to uplift and support communities, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by the criminal justice system.

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