Naomi Osaka has slid over to the Kendrick side in the beef with Drake. Speaking ahead of the Italian Open, Osaka states, “Not Like Us” put Dot over the top.

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“Kendrick dropped some heat. That last song,” Osaka said. “That last song is amazing. And I played it walking onto the court. Currently, I think Kendrick’s doing another song.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a banger. Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” has bounced Drake out of holding a Spotify record. According to ChartData, “Not Like Us” has the biggest single streaming day for a Hip-Hop song in history, surpassing Drake’s “Girls Like Girls” featuring Lil Baby.


“Not Like Us” has hit the top of the Global Spotif chart with 10.986 million streams. “Girls Like Girls” was at 6.593.

All you have to do is mention Sweet Chin Music, and WWE icon Shawn Michaels will be right around the corner. Kendrick Lamar mentioned the wrestling finishing move on “Not Like Us,” prompting Michaels to offer his services to the duo to settle the differences.

“Put the wrong label on me, I’ma get ’em dropped/Sweet Chin Music and I won’t pass the aux,” Kendrick Lamar rapped.

“A little Sweet Chin Music goes a long way,” Michaels wrote. “@kendricklamar, you and @Drake are formally invited to #WWENXT to settle this thing. I’m even offering my services to mediate.”

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