The NBA is looking to move into new deals with Disney, NBC, and Amazon this week. With massive amounts on the table, Warner Bros. Discovery may take legal action. Without a resolution, the famed Inside the NBA may end after the 2024-25 season.

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According to the Sports Business Journal, ESPN’s new deal will be worth $2.8 billion, delivering the NBA Finals, a conference final, weekly primetime games, and the WNBA and international writes. NBC will provide $2.6 billion, including a “Basketball Night in America” telecast on Sunday night after the NFL season, two more weekly primetime windows, conference semifinals, and a conference final. Amazon will pay between $1.8 billion and $2 billion to host the Emirates In-Season Tournament, the SoFi Play-In Tournament, first-round playoff games, the WNBA, and international rights.

Warner Bros.’s last-ditch effort would require a $2.6 billion match for the NBC deal, but it lacks the infrastructure to meet the requirements. The brand is also considered to be $40 billion in debt. Warner’s last year in NBA broadcasting would be the 2024-25 NBA season.


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