ACLU to Sue Trump Over Use of Tear Gas on D.C. Protesters


The American Civil Liberties Union in Washington D.C. is going after Trump and Attorney General William Barr for their actions against protesters on Monday. The ACLU plans to sue the President for the use of tear gas against peaceful protesters in D.C. “The use of a chemical weapon was an inhumane violation of the First […]

iPhone Siri Shortcut Allows Police Encounters to be Recorded

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A Siri Shortcut (a series of actions that can be triggered by saying a specific phrase similar to Alexa Routines) has been created to record the actions of the police when they pull you over. Users say “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over,” and the program will activate. Siri will automatically pause any music that […]

ACLU: Border Agents Have Physically Abused Migrant Children

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A scathing report released this week alleges that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents neglected and abused more than 100 migrant children who were in their custody. The report, from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the University of Chicago Law School International Human Rights Clinic, is based on thousands of pages of […]

As 4/20 Approaches, Are Black Entrepreneurs Blocked Out Of The Legal Weed Boom?


As the march to legalize weed across the country continues, in the states where marijuana is legal there has been a noticeable trend that seems to have taken hold: Black entrepreneurs being blocked out of the marijuana business where millions are being made. States like Colorado and California are ground zero for the industry, but […]

Two ACLU Attorneys Say They Were Bounced From a Bar for Being Black


Two lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union are speaking out against a California bar they feel targeted them for being Black. Abre’ Conner and Novella Coleman both serve as attorneys for the ACLU Northern California chapter, and wrote of their experience on the ACLU’s blog on Thursday [March 24, 2016], hoping to eliminate the notion […]