Take a Ride in Appleby’s “Glossy Ride” On His Latest Single.

Glossy Ride

Before you take a ride in Appleby’s “Glossy Ride” it’s imperative that you don’t try to place the song in one particular genre. The mysterious Chicago crooner blends sounds and genres in a way that very few can. “Glossy Ride” is backed by a JMSN-sampled R E T R O 1 beat that’ll pierce through […]

Listen Now: Ravyn Lenae Featuring Appleby, “Free Room”

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Appleby, our favorite faceless emcee, is back with another quality-over-quantity feature; this time he’s assisting songstress Ravyn Lenae on her single “Free Room.”  The smooth and soulful cut has a snazzy, mellow vibe, and reminds me of something you might hear in Starbucks; Appleby comes in for the assist with sticky sweet vocals that compliment Ravyn Lenae’s […]

The Ever Enigmatic Emcee, Appleby, Returns With “Bitter Boy”

Appleby, Drinkin, Scars in Waiting

The enigmatic Chicago rapper Appleby is at it again with his new song “Bitter Boy.”  The nonchalant artist has still gone against the norms by keeping his face in absolute obscurity. He has said in the past that he may reveal his face at some point, but, until then, he wants his music to do […]