Travis Scott Donates $100,000 to Fans


If you don’t follow Travis Scott on Twitter, you might want hit that follow button because he’s in a generous mood. The Houston rapper announced that he’s giving away $100,000 away to a few lucky fans on Twitter. Visit for more information “SO I KNOW ITS HARD FOR THE KIDS SO I DECIDED TO […]

Crunk G-d Lil’ Jon Becomes The New CEO of Papa John’s Pizza… Sorta

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What happens when the news that Papa John’s founder John Schnatter would step down from his position as the CEO of one of the hood’s favorite pizza company? People spazz out, twitter loses its mind and Lil’ Jon trolls in to save the day. Visit for more information Yeeaaaaayaaahhh! Fans jump on the news […]

It’s Levels to This: Fan Love & Tattoos

Drake fan

Words by Jiggy Jones Visit for more information There are a number of ways to express one’s appreciation and love for one’s favorite artists or celebrity. Traditional methods for artists’ support include buying tickets to a concert and purchasing or streaming their music. It has now transitioned to something much more permanent. Tattoos that […]

How J. Cole And Dreamville Revitalized Fan Culture With Just A Dollar & A Dream


Visit for more information It’s 8:00 pm on a Saturday evening in Dallas, Texas and in the midst of the normal hoopla that engulfs the weekend, groups of dedicated fans are strategically planning their road to the Dallas House of Blues. Why? Advertisement In less than 24 hours, Fayetteville, North Carolina’s own Jermaine Cole […]