George Floyd

Houston Debuts George Floyd ‘VOTE’ Mural On His 47th Birthday

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Murals of slain Houston native George Floyd have popped up all around the country, but a colorful painting of the 46-year-old who died in the hands of the Minneapolis Police has been revealed in Floyd’s hometown just days before his 47th birthday. Just three weeks before one of the most monumental elections of America’s history, Ange Hillz […]

Officer Charged in George Floyd Death Released From Jail On $1M Bond

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According to several confirmed reports, former Louisville Police officer Derek Chauvin, the cop seen with his knee in George Floyd’s neck, which ultimately led to his death, was released from prison after posting a million dollar non-cash bond. Chauvin’s bail was $1.25 million or $1 million with conditions. Out of all four officers, Chauvin was […]

Uncle Ben’s Rice Renamed in Effort to Abandon Racist Imagery

Uncle Bens Rice Renamed in Effort to Abandon Racist Imagery

Mars Inc. renamed Uncle Ben’s rice in an attempt to make a stance with the Black community. The Virginia-based company is also removing the famous image of the white-haired Black man that has been criticized for years for being connected to a racist stereotype. “We’re still in the process of deciding on what our new […]

Tyrese Tackles Civil and Social Unrest on New Single ‘Legendary’

Tyrese Tackles Civil and Social Unrest on New Single 'Legendary'

Tyrese returns with a new single that tackles the nation’s social unrest and the lives lost to police brutality. The new single is titled “Legendary” and features CeeLo Green. The new song highlights the two Americas while capturing the motions of Black America. Tyrese’s rapping alter-ego, Black Ty, makes his presence felt on the single, […]

Four Men Indicted for Alleged Connection to Minneapolis Precinct Fire

Four Men Indicted in Alleged Connection to Minneapolis Precinct Fire

Dylan Shakespeare Robinson, 22; Davon De-Andre Turner, 24; Bryce Michael Williams, 26; and Branden Michael Wolfe, 23 were indicted for setting the Minneapolis police’s Third District police building on fire. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Williams and Turner “lit a Molotov cocktail,” while Wolfe allegedly “pushed a barrel into a fire at the entrance of the Third Precinct building to […]

[WATCH] Bodycam Footage Released Of George Floyd’s Entire Arrest

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Exclusively from UK’s The Daily Mail, footage from a police bodycam has been released, which shows George Floyd’s entire arrest. The leaked tapes show 46-year-old Floyd pleading with the cops not to shoot him, while they ignored him and shouted profanities at him. The footage, from the bodycams of former officers Alex Kueng and Officer […]

George Floyd’s Family Sues Minneapolis Police Department


The family of George Floyd has brought a civil lawsuit against the Minneapolis Police Department in the wrongful death of Floyd in May. The civil suit comes as Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison prepares his prosecution of the involved officers. The family is expected to appear in a news conference on Wednesday to officially announce […]

George Floyd Reportedly Revealed He Was Previously Shot During Fatal Arrest

George Floyd Reportedly Revealed That he Was Previously Shot During Fatal Arrest

The body cam’s transcript reveals that George Floyd was experiencing PTSD during his interaction with the killer cops. One of the former officers being charged in Floyd’s death, Thomas Lane, used the transcript in his argument to get his charges dismissed. The transcripts come from Lane’s and his co-defendant, Alexander Kueng’s, body cams and proves […]

Cop in George Floyd Video Released From Jail on $750,000 Bond

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A second police officer was released from jail after posting bail on Saturday. Tou Thao who was the cop seen in the video confronting angry bystanders as Former Officer Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck. Thao was one of 3 officers charged with aiding and abetting and second-degree manslaughter in the George Floyd case. The 34-year-old […]

SOURCE SPORTS: NBA Could Let Players Wear Social Justice Messages on Jerseys

The players’ union and the NBA are collaborating to allow players to wear jerseys with personalized social justice, social cause or charity messages on the backs. This would be instead of their last names during the upcoming restart of the NBA season. Oklahoma City Thunder guard Chris Paul, president of the National Basketball Players Association, […]

[WATCH] Cop Charged in George Floyd Murder Confronted While Shopping

After being released on $750K bail following being charged in connection to the murder of Houston born George Floyd, former Minnesota Police officer J. Alexander Keung was spotted by a shopper in Cub Foods in Plymouth MN and was confronted. Over the weekend, a female shopper called out the disgraced officer as he waited in […]

SOURCE SPORTS: Kyrie Irving, Avery Bradley Lead Player Coalition to Postpone NBA Season to Focus On Social Injustice Issues

In an unprecedented move in professional sports, Kyrie Irving and Lakers guard Avery Bradley are leading a coalition of players against the restarting the 2019-20 NBA season. Besides the coronavirus pandemic, the players are concerned that resuming basketball season, the attention will be taken away from the issues of social injustice that have plagued the […]

Minneapolis Police Condemn George Floyd’s Killer in Open Letter to Citizens


The Minneapolis police are speaking out against the former officer responsible for the death of George Floyd. In an open letter to the people of the city, the Minneapolis Police Department attempts to sympathize and unite with the citizens. “We wholeheartedly condemn Derek Chauvin. Derek Chauvin failed as a human and stripped George Floyd of […]