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R. Kelly Reportedly Denies Sleeping With Aaliyah’s Mother

R. Kelly is currently facing 10 counts of sexual abuse and the allegations continue to mount even outside of the courtroom. Lisa Van Allen, who was allegedly one of the singer’s ex-girlfriends and spoke out on the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, says he confided in her and revealed that he had a sexual relationship with […]

‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Participant Lisa Van Allen Isn’t ‘Convinced’ Joycelyn Savage is the Person Behind Tell-All Patreon Account

'SurvivingR.Kelly'ParticipantLisaVanAllenIsn't'Convinced'JoycelynSavageisthePersonBehindTell AllPatreonAccount

Lisa Van Allen was one of the standout victims who participated in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary because she gave explicit details about her relationship with the singer that could’ve possibly tainted her image as well. But she bravely told her truth and was met with love and support. Joycelyn Savage posted on her social […]

Lisa Van Allen Reveals R. Kelly Likes to Receive Penetration

Lisa Van Allen Reveals R. Kelly Likes to Receive Penetration

R. Kelly is reportedly currently under federal investigation as a direct result of the allegation revealed in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary. Many people close to the singer, including his brother Carey Kelly, are revealing more details even after the documentary’s premiere. Lisa Van Allen, who participated in the documentary and is one of the […]