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UPDATE: One Month Anniversary of the Killing Of Trayvon Martin

As today marks the one month anniversary of the killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, several elements have attached themselves to the case, making it an even more sensitive situation. Anger continues to escalate as protesters are rallying around the country to seek justice for […]

President Obama Speaks On Trayvon Martin, Miami Heat Pays Tribute

President Obama weighed in on the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin. The President of The United States Of America made a bold statement with his comment, “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin.”  While politics is one aspect the Miami Heat had their own tribute for the local teen. LeBron tweeted […]

Video: President Obama Talks Jeremy Lin, Playoff Basketball

  In a podcast interview with Bill Simmons, President Barack Obama spoke about his team, the Chicago Bulls, and their playoff aspirations. President Hipster Obama also talked about the Jeremy Lin sensation, mentioning he knew about the Knicks point guard’s ability from his time at Harvard, his alma mater. Advertisement – Argenys Collado (@aKiDnamedHENNY)

President Obama Has The Moves Like Jagger

Barack Obama had to grab the mic last night to assist B.B. King and Mick Jagger with “Sweet Home Chicago.” The event was celebrating Black History Month and Blues night at the White House. The full concert airs on PBS February 27th. Does President Obama have the moves like Jagger?  – Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture) Advertisement

Mixtape: Mick Boogie & Terry Urban – Obamify

Today is Presidents’ Day and to help celebrate we get a new mixtape from Mick Boogie and Terry Urban. Mick Boogie explains…. Everyone was describing President Obama’s cool Spotify playlist as a mix. Well, it wasn’t. But it is now. 🙂 Obama’s favorite songs… including music from U2, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Florence & The […]

F.T. :Greatest Story Never Told Part 2

F.T. has been an underground phenomenon the moment he touched the mic and started rapping. While, many industry and underground types will acknowledge him and his talent, his road like many others through the music industry has been plagues by bad luck, broken promises and tragedy. While he perseveres toward his goal of making music […] Cooks Up With Chef Roblé

Chef Roblé is in his rookie season as the new hit show on Bravo. So far it has been successful in the ratings showing how Robléand his team handle the problems and enjoy their catering business. Chef Roblé took some time out of his busy day to speak to The Where did the idea for the […]

K’NAAN Says He Didn’t Grant Mitt Romney Use Of “Waving Flag.”

Mitt Romney walked away satisfied following this weeks Florida’s Republican primary. Recording artist K’NAAN isn’t happy to say the least, not because of the results of the primary but the misuse of his song “Waving Flag” by Romney.   K’NAAN had no idea his song would be used and he doesn’t endorse Romney in the slightest bit. In […]

Spike Lee Presents A Pair Of Jordan Spiz’ikes To President Obama

Friday Night Spike Lee presented President Obama with a gift just the right size. Check out a presidential style pair of Jordan Spiz’ikes courtesy of Spike. The Spiz’ike ‘Boredeaux which are due out next month. Maybe Barack will be hooping in them once the weather warms up.    – Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture) Advertisement Props: HS

Video: Janelle Monàe Performs For President Obama

  It’s always an honor to perform for the President of The United States. Above is the photo of Janelle and President Obama along with a short visual statement from the Commander and Chief himself. Below check out some words from Janelle and a video of the performance. Advertisement – Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture) “I was […]