Ex-Associate breaks his silence on why he offered to pay the bills back in 2010.

Yesterday a bit of news hit the web surrounding Nate Dogg’s unpaid medical bills. If you missed it basically, CareMeridian is a company based out of Orange County who cared for Nate Dogg following his second stroke in 2008. The company is claiming Nate Dogg received more than $290,000 in medical treatment between the years of 2008 and 2010. Yet they haven’t been paid. 

Well today long time friend David Michery opened up about why he claimed he would pay those bills back then. In a statement to TMZ he says, “I was the only person who would come forward because I didn’t want him to die. Me and Nate have 20 years history together and I did what everyone should have done and tried to save his life … not let him get kicked out in the streets and die.” When asked if he regrets the decision he says no, “Not at all … I would do it again in a minute. I just wish that the people he looked out for all these years and the people who claim to love him so much would help out.”

Michery says none of Nate’s “rap friends” came to help when needed. 

 – Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture)