Written By Matia Peebles

At 23, Atlanta native rapper Rich Homie Quan is set to take the industry by storm. From being on the wrong side of the law to collaborating with some of the industry greats on his mixtape Still Goin On Reloaded. This rapper has no intentions of slowing down no time soon and has a loyal fan base that continues to support him and show him love everywhere he goes.

Here, we talk about his influences, Gucci Mane, his craziest tour experiences & more.  Get familiar.

How would you define your sound?

I would define my sound as different in which I don’t consider myself as hard rap and I’m original.

Who were your influences growing up?

Lil Boosie, Webbie, T.I., and the whole down South movement.

How do you feel about rappers using southern influences in their music?

I like it because it’s a new generation coming up where everybody sound is almost similar to each other. I don’t see a problem with rappers from different regions being influenced by the southern movement.

You’ve collaborated with several artists. What was it like working with Gucci Mane?

Working with Gucci Mane is a blessing because he is one artist that I know that has a craziest work ethic and observing how he is in the studio. We did a lot of songs in one day. He showed me a lot. We did 13 songs in one day

Who is your dream collaboration?

If I had to collaborate with anybody it would have to be Drake because he is lyrical when it comes to his lyrics, he’s definitely one of my favorites so far.

Since you are on tour, name a city you like most?

I would say Florida and Milwaukee because of the fan reception there.  They supported me from day one besides my hometown.

Tell me about a crazy tour experience.

Honestly, I had women throwing their panties at me while I was on stage. They thought I was Trey Songz or Miguel or something [Laughs]

Tell me about your upcoming projects besides ‘Still Going In Reloaded’?

I decided to rerelease Still Goin In Reloaded because the first time I released it, it had a great reception.

What Advice Would Give Those That Want To Pursue The Music Industry?

My advice that I give is to keep your circle small, keep grinding, and had work always pays off