Could Bunny Rabbit be making an appearance at a battle sometime soon


This weekend the battle rap event put on by Eminem and Watch Loud, ‘Total Slaughter’ took place at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. You were also able to purchase the event via On Demand PPV; many also tuned in via not so kosher live streams to watch the packed battle card.

Arsenal defeated Big T, T-Rex defeated Daylty to become the first official winner of the Total Slaughter contest, Murda Mook handily defeated longtime rival Loaded Lux & Hollow Da Don bested Joe Budden in the final bout.

However the verdict of the final battle did not come without a bit of controversy. Although initial response via social media seemed to side with the official decision that Hollow had won, since then, many (myself included) have shown their support that Joe Budden had indeed won. Popular hip hop forum Itsbx currently has Budden as the victor in a poll that has so far included over 350 votes, also RealTalkNY has a poll with over 2,000 votes with Budden being a dominant winner.

Many felt that the implications of someone like Budden deciding to step into the battle arena could possibly help the burgeoning sub genre immensely. Well if what Hollow Da Don said today on twitter is rooted in any truth then that sentiment may be about to be proven right, to an incredible degree.




It is important to note that Hollow made Shady Records, Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg, and even Em himself the target of many of his scathing bars spit throughout the night.

Update: Saying things like  “i was feelin weird, cuz they millionaires but they was lazy with the payments, cut my cash in half and now im in a Shady situation” , “Jimmy Iovine, die please and Rosenberg eat a dick you fat piece of shit” ” “im sayin no this shady show, and thats the staff, Eminem your still my favorite bro” in a almost mocking kind of way.   Although Hollow might not want to see it as a “diss”, shitting all over someones life long manager, team,  record label, and event is sure to get the bosses attention and not typically the way a respectful disagreement is brought to light.

It’s obviously possible that Hollow is just gassing the public and trying to capitalize on his new found fame; but really is it THAT far fetched? I mean one would think that someone with the stature or Eminem would have everything to lose and nothing to gain; but this is the same man who by all accounts cares about rap and rhyming in general more than any human being on the planet.

Take into consideration that many felt Joe Budden stepping into the battle arena was a very selfless and positive move for the growth of hip hop as a whole, just imagine what it would mean for Eminem- arguably one of the greatest and almost unarguably the most successful rapper ever, to step into this next environment.

Also lets be real here, would anyone truly think Eminem would lose?

We’ll keep you posted with any new developments.

Check out Joe Budden vs Hollow Da Don HERE

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