It’s Mrs. Steal Your Life

An “ordinary” death of a 75-year old man–police originally thought Isao Kakehi died of a heart attack–has opened the door for investigations of a woman being dubbed as the “Black widow.” When medical examiners found traces of lethal cyanide in Isao Kakehi’s system, authorities began to investigate the woman he had married just a month before, Chisako Kakehi, and found that Isao was just one of six men that suddenly died after marrying the 68-year old woman. According to a NYT report, all six men were “outwardly healthy.” Further investigations found that these men, who met Ms. Kakehi on one of many available dating websites, died soon after they’d drawn up wills naming her as the sole beneficiary.

How did the “coincidence” of 6 of a woman’s husbands, lovers or boyfriends dying shortly after entering a relationship with this woman go unnoticed? One doctor has a theory. “If an old person dies without signs of struggle or bruises, we don’t usually suspect a crime.”

Ms. Kakehi has been arrested, after authorities re-visited the death of a former boyfriend of hers who died after falling off a motorcycle in 2012. The hospital that treated him still had his blood sample, and traces of cyanide were found. Prior to her arrest, Kakehi maintained that she was just the “bereaved victim of a string of tragic misfortunes.”