Chicago gun violence continues to run rampant, and the first days of 2016 have been especially rough for the city.

According to a WGN News report from early this morning, Chicago police say 110 people were shot since in the first 10 days of 2016, resulting in 17 fatalities, and as of Monday morning that number had unfortunately risen to 19 dead. This report comes just a week after President Obama‘s tear-filled reference to several recent incidents of “carnage” in American communities, including Sandy Hook, and the long-standing issue of gun violence in Chicago, his home town.

WGN says according to stats kept by the Chicago Tribune, at this time last year 9 people had been killed and another 31 people were wounded, meaning in just a year’s time, the rate at which gun violence occurs in Chicago has rapidly accelerated. Last year just two days before Christmas, Chicago rapper King Louie was shot in the head and torso several times and survived. A week after his attack, he told CNN‘s Don Lemon that “the devil is working overtime” when asked about Chicago’s problem with violence.