If you’re a fan of Starz’s Lebron James-produced series Survivor’s Remorse, then you know Season Two ended with a cliffhanger where Mike Epps‘ character, Uncle Julius, was involved in a car accident.

Although many fans were rooting for Epps’ return, the comedian said he won’t be returning for “money reasons” during the Television Critics Association press tour panel for his upcoming ABC show, Uncle Buck.

Mike confessed, “I asked for some more money and they killed me. That’s usually what happens on TV shows. If you can remember Good Times, that’s what happened.”

He later took to Instagram to reveal he was only joking and will indeed be returning:

Never mind the jokes I said lol if you wanna know if I will be back on this great show and great cast the answer is YES !!!??SEASON 4 is coming soon s/o to all the fans who made this a hit show!@starz

Mike Epps

Maybe this means he won’t be appearing in every episode as he has in the past? Guess we’ll have to tune in for Season 3 to know for sure.