24-year-old Harlem man Jason Melo was arrested today for choking his girlfriend, and trotting her out onto the street in just a towel, which he eventually ripped off leaving the woman naked and cowering for cover in the winter air.

The disturbing video clip, which you can–if you can stand to–watch here via MailOnline, features a man authorities believe to be Melo (the person holding the camera isn’t visible) walking behind a woman, shouting profanities like “You’re going to pay the price like a wh*re, right there in the rubbish,” as he filmed her standing in front of trash on the street.

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The Daily News reports that Melo beat and choked the woman, his 22-year-old girlfriend, in front of her 3-year-old daughter before forcing her outside, unclothed, into the street. He would upload the degrading video to his social media accounts, allowing it to go viral, before taken them down and replacing them with apologetic messages in the form of Instagram videos.