On the surface, Gregg Popovich appears to be one of the sternest, meanest figures in the NBA, but the truth is, he’s really just one big goofball. Whether he’s purposely distracting Tony Parker during a blowout victory, or laughing in the face of a trash-talking opposing player, Popovich’s sense of humor has shined through continuously as he’s captured 5 NBA Championships with his oft-dominant San Antonio Spurs.

Two nights ago, in the middle of a Spurs 18-point victory in Miami over the Heat, Popovich was asked by TNT sideline reporter David Aldridge if he’d heard about the results of the primary, which had just become final at the time. Naturally, Popovich hadn’t heard, so Aldridge clued him in. Sanders and Trump were the winners, and while Popovich had a matter-of-fact reaction to Sanders, his dismay at the Trump news was peak Popovich.