The High School Kid From “Daaamn, Daniel” Was Offered a Modeling Contract

You know there had to be one more development in the “Daaamn, Daniel” saga before it went away for good.

The high school kids behind the hilarious and viral “Daaamn, Daniel” video, Josh and (of course) Daniel, were retweeted over 300,000 times, and received a lifetime supply of shoes from Vans, the slip-on shoes that sold-out across internet retailers as Josh’s admiration for his friend’s footwear began spreading across the globe.

Did we mention they were on Ellen? They were on Ellen.

What’s more? A friend of Daniel Lara, the off-puttingly cool subject of the viral videos and Snapchats, told The Hollywood Life that Lara had been offered a modeling contract. Unfortunately for gossip blogs around the country, he turned it down to focus on attaining the swimming scholarship he’s after, but imagine?