The Wall Street Journal is one of the premier news publications in the United States and arguably the world. The news outlet is where business is the topic of discussion and recently they published an article about the businesses behind the latest dances like the Shmoney dance, the Dab, Hit The Quan, Whip/Nae Nae and the latest dance called the Wave.

Some people are taking these dances and making money on the internet through marketing on social media. The article focused on the moves Daryon Simmons a.k.a. DLOW is making that is bolstering his career. According to the article, artists like DLOW are getting booked on high profile shows where they help popularize the dances and that raises the reputation of the dance. Social media has helped in a huge way popularizing encouraging people to emulate the dances even celebrities and politicians.

Some artists are taking advantage of being in the app age and creating apps to increase awareness of these new dances. These dances have broken through popular culture. Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton helped make the Dab popular, Rich Homie Quan started the Hit The Quan dance, and Silento‘s Whip/Nae Nae song and dance catapulted to the mainstream. According to the article, the business of dance is going to another level.