This week on Stephen Curry Isn’t Human.

At least he quit those routine half-court shots, right? If you’re a fan of one of those teams expected to challenge the reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors this season, like the Spurs or the Cavaliers, it’s been a tough few weeks. Steph Curry has seemingly taken on a challenge to top his most ridiculous shot night after night, and outside of a bizarre showing Sunday afternoon at the Lakers, the Warriors have continued to scorch because of it.

Add this landmark moment to the reel of absurdity. Having already broken his own single-season NBA record for made three-pointers, Curry decided to make the 300th made three-pointer as spectacular as he could, and it came at Ersan Ilyasova‘s expense. The Magic forward does a pretty decent job at staying with the agile Curry, and appears to smother the wily guard when he steps back to try and get the shot off, but still can’t do anything about that lightning quick release, and the majestic arc the ball takes as it falls towards the extension of an already ridiculous NBA record.