Maryland Lavon Releases Pretty Villain Teaser


Maryland Lavon‘s Pretty Villain Ep is almost here but until the release, the DMV songstress decided to follow her #FMeWhenUrMad single with a behind-the-scenes peek into the upcoming EP. Visit for more information Check it out and let us know your thoughts! Advertisement

Jadakiss Rebrands His SoRaspy Movement


These days you can’t consider yourself a Hip Hop star with by just releasing music and touring. You have to have to venture out and expand your brand. That’s exactly what Jadakiss has done by rebranding his SoRaspy movement. SoRaspy is a multi-media creative collective that includes apparel, an online lifestyle publication, and a record […]

superHero Looks To Change Hip Hop

The Middle

Now that the scorching temperatures are here, it is safe to continue my unofficial annual summer recommendations. Atlanta-based Hip Hop duo, superHero, which consists of dj Ghost and Apollo, has just released they’re eccentric album entitled The Middle. The definitely strays from the contemporary flashy approach that the genre more commonly follows. It’s a fun, […]

Seneca B Releases Instrumental EP


Seneca B‘s journey into the music industry is quite simple. The Boston beatmaker began producing in 2010 while in high school as she experimented with many genres before finding her niche with sample-driven genre of Hip Hop. Listening to her EP, Rascal, is like being a teenager and hanging out with your friends during Hip […]

Frank Peters Delivers 50 Shades of Frank


Off a stint from opening for established artists such as Juicy J, Lil Kim and Afroman, South Carolina Hip Hop artist Frank Peters looks to stake a claim amidst an abundance of artist vying for prominence in the music industry, and with the release of 50 Shades of Frank, Peters knows exactly what kind of […]

Reid the Martian Throws A Hardball


Hardball, the latest from Missouri-based Hip Hop artist Reid the Martian, is both deceptive and rewarding, and most likely on purpose. Reid the Martian can easily be described as channeling Eminem and Chance The Rapper through rose colored glasses as his music accentuates anthemic and thought provoking lyrics. It’s like a series of second thoughts, […]

Nick de la Hoyde Offers Private Listening For His Upcoming EP


There’s been a lot of hyperbole concerning “the death of rap music” and Hip Hop artists “saving the music” of late, and while most of the talk borders on nonsense, wouldn’t it be great if an act such as Nick de la Hoyde could revitalize this polarizing genre? In truth, the Australian rapper is far […]

Jelani Lateef Releases Cold Days & Dark Nights


It’s safe to say that Chicago’s murder rate inspire it’s murder rap scene, but there’s more to Chicago than that, as Jelani Lateef is proving with his Manhood Entertainment brand that represents men stepping to the plate and handling their responsibility. Jelani definitely can relate to stepping up and handling his as he did when […]

Vision The Kid Travels Back To The Future


We all remember the film where Michael J. Fox was accidentally sent into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean. Well this time around, Minneapolis native, Vision The Kid, was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to return to a time where he believed Hip Hop was at its purest; the 90s, or how he proclaims, […]

Klassik Releases Visuals For STAGESLayer


Klassik unleashes an official music video for the track STAGESLayer, off of his upcoming SEASON LP which will be released this summer. STAGESLayer is also featured on the Milwaukee artist’s recently release SUMMER EP. Visit for more information The free flowing visual displays Klassik’s suave wit as he interacts with a bevy of people […]

K2 Talks About His Single Love Beyonce & His Musical Journey


When did you start producing and what gave you the motivation to stay with it? I started messing around with production back when I was in high school, I was rapping more at the time and I wanted original beats so that I could make original songs. The only person I knew who had any, […]

Fitz: She’s My Music

Fitz promo

Rising Brooklyn rapper Fitz is looking to turn heads this year and build on his success with his recently released project, Forever. The mixtape details the many challenges he’s had to deal with during his career and in some ways, it’s a statement to all the rappers who feel they must create a different persona […]

Klassik Returns With Yet Another EP


We should’ve seen the pattern here, how could Klassik not follow up with a Summer EP, after the releases of Winter and Spring. This follow up definitely shows Klassik mission to be recognized and respected in the industry. Summer is totally unique, incredibly ambitious and with a message that is utterly important. The brilliance and […]

From Winter To Spring


After the release of his EP Winter, Milwaukee native, Klassik is back to warm up these cold days with a very smooth-sounding blend of Hip-Hop and Jazz. The opening track Go Far demonstrates this perfectly and despite the 3 song package, Spring still manages to include in a bunch of experimental and musical merits, as […]

Hip Hop From The Down Under

nick del la hoyde  slider

You may not be familiar with his career, but it speaks volumes when an indie Hip Hop artist from Sydney, Australia can start off rapping over industry instrumentals and build an impressive following on social media to making his mark in the US by climbing Mediabase’s Top 40 Pop Independent Artists chart. And that’s exactly […]

D. Green Drops For The F.E.W. EP


With other regions dominating the culture, most artists representing the birthplace of Hip Hop have been relegated to the back-burner. Some may stray trying their best to get recognized, but then there are artists like Bronx native, D. Green, that remains true to their hometown roots while grinding to make it big without “selling out.” […]

Houston-based Businessman Partners With Hip-Hop Artists

Candyman Vending Service logo

Andre Bramwell might be considered a bit ingenious, but by today’s standards, he’s definitely unconventional. Usually when it comes to being a part of the Hip Hop industry, thoughts of rapping, producing, starting a record label or even a clothing line, are most likely the first choices when one thinks of capitalizing on a culture […]

The Acorns Set To Release ‘Oak Follies’ EP


While mainstream Hip Hop gets all the glory, there are other Hip Hop artists that are doing the hard work of challenging listeners and pushing boundaries of what people recognize as Hip Hop music; you can describe The Acorns, as just that. The duo from the DMV, that consists of Mad Squirrel and DJ BlakeNine, […]

A Klassik Winter

JezXPXeEWvjDjqcvUswm opAToZGuXCDeIsbKccFGWJMcLQGGwErtHwvjHpUUcULzGuyzN SuI

Some individuals are just born to perform and there’s no question that Klassik, a Milwaukee native, should definitely be included in that list. One can easily tell by listening to his music, watching his videos and going to see him live, that the promising genre fusing artist has always loved to perform. But perform what, […]

JWoww Looks To Rebrand Herself


Jenni Farley, better known as JWoww from MTV’s Jersey Shore and Snookie & JWoww, seeks to build her brand on her own terms. Looking to be known more than just a reality star, JWoww has been adding on to her portfolio. In addition to her tanning business as well as serving as an executive producer […]