Ahead of the NFL’s annual owner’s meeting, where teams can submit proposed rule changes to be considered, the Baltimore Ravens might have taken the cake when it comes to outlandish ideas. Today, the franchise made a proposal that would change the eligible receiver rules, such as when a normally ineligible receiver, primarily an offensive lineman, wants to make himself eligible, he would have to wear a pinnie over his jersey.

Currently, the NFL requires offensive lineman to check in with the referees prior to a play to declare themselves eligible. As ridiculous as it sounds for a lineman to sprint off the field in order for an equipment manager to place a pinnie over their jersey is, the Ravens might be doing this to circumvent how the New England Patriots have been utilizing the current system. For the past few seasons, the Patriots manipulation of the eligible/ineligible receiver rules has been to the detriment of many teams, especially the Ravens, who have been ill-prepared to stop them. We’re almost sure that the NFL owners might toss this proposal right out of the window. Nice try though.