You would think that, considering the tumultuous off-season Matt Barnes had, that the Grizzlies forward would try to keep a low profile this season, and try to draw more attention to his play than his off-court antics.

Then again, if you honestly thought that, you don’t really know Matt Barnes.

Last night, during the final seconds of a Milwaukee Bucks victory over Barnes’ Grizzlies, Bucks forward John Henson menacingly blocked a Matt Barnes shot attempt, sending the ball screaming into the stands, and the arena into a frenzy. After the block, Henson walked towards the crowd and grimaced, soaking their energy up, and then walked towards Barnes and gave him a similar face, which the refs chalked up to taunting. Henson was promptly whistled for a technical foul and thrown out of the game (with 10 seconds left, it didn’t really matter), and Barnes was given one as well for engaging in a bit of jawing with Henson after the block.

Shortly after Henson walked into the locker room, a hero to every Bucks fan in the arena, Matt Barnes decided that he and Henson had some unfinished business, and Barnes jogged off into the tunnel right after Henson, prompting a Bucks official to quickly follow him to avoid an altercation. Henson had played tough all game, and originally picked up a technical foul on Grizzlies forward Lance Stephenson. Two technical fouls is an automatic ejection.

According to Racine Journal Times columnist Gery Woelfel, Barnes entered the Bucks locker room after jogging into the tunnel looking to confront Henson, but security (presumably) was able to get the situation under control.