During an interview with VladTV released yesterday, alleged Drake ghostwriter Quentin Miller claimed that rumors, first brought to light by podcaster TaxStone, that he’d been physically assaulted by Meek Mill and his crew at a Nike store in Los Angeles, were true. The news immediately spread like wildfire, and within a few short hours, Miller was the number-one trending topic on Twitter. Why, you ask? Well, despite “Summer Sixteen” and “War Pain,” many believed the Drake vs Meek Mill “beef” to be in its waning stages, if not dormant. This news, if true, would suggest that it really isn’t.

Meek Mill, who is currently serving a 3-month house arrest bid for violating his probation towards the end of last year, responded to the stories with a photo of Russell Westbrook‘s infamous “Y’all N****s Trippin'” locker room interview with the word “What???”emblazoned across the front. It’s probably safe to say that Meek is suggesting that he has no idea what Miller is talking about.


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There will surely be more to report on this in the coming days.