Donald Trump Says There Should Be Punishment For Women Who Get Abortions

If this is what Donald Trump putting his foot in his mouth consisted of, he’d have laces for teeth. This is nothing new for Donald Trump though. He specializes in audacity; he blossoms in the consistently growing spotlight that follows each and every one of his scummy speaking engagements. In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that will air later today, Trump and Matthews get into a contentious conversation concerning abortion, which Trump would like to ban (he tried to use Chris Matthews’ Catholicism as ammo, Matthews disallowed it). After about a minute of somewhat pointless banter, led by Trump’s attempts at dodging Matthews’ direct questions on his feelings on abortion, Trump was flat out asked whether or not there should be punishment for abortion. Finally, Trump stopped dodging the question, and said yes, there should be punishment. He’s not sure what it should be, but he agrees there should be punishment. Hillary Clinton wasted no time in responding.