Meet Golden Childd- a rapper from Dallas, Texas who isn’t stopping until he’s at the top. Golden Childd took all his feelings of being misunderstood and put them into his craft of music. Golden Childd stands out from the rest not only because there are two “d’s” in his name showing dignity and unique character, but also because of the noticeable masks he wears on his face. When asked about the masks, Golden Childd says, “They are the different faces I put on every day.”

Golden Childd has experienced something that not everyone goes through- he is a survivor of being shot seven times in August 2016. He didn’t let this slow him down though…he did “Sway In The Morning” in the hospital. We repeat, while he was recovering in the hospital. Sway Calloway reached out to Golden Childd while he was recovering in the hospital from seven gun shots and interviewed him. Golden Childd felt loved and feels that Sway and DJ Wonder showed genuine concern while he was recovering from the tragedy.

Golden Childd definitely has The Midas Touch and stays wearing masks on his face because he loves art and creativity. His masks are flamboyant, colorful, and vibrant. Golden Childd likes to think the masks express what’s going on in his mind, which is always all over the place. He feels like the masks are an outlet to bring out different characters that live inside of him. One must admit…the masks are full of swag!

Golden Childd uses music as a way to make his thoughts, actions, and emotions coexist. He stayed practicing and sharpening his craft through freestyle sessions with his older brother, which made him get better and better at his punchlines. Golden Childd says it’s part of the Texas hip hop culture to use punchlines during freestyles, which is what helped form him into the artist he is today. He recently dropped #Auxcordmusic2 and is working on new music. He also has a T-Shirt line that’s doing well.

It’s over a year later from when Golden Childd survived his gunshots and he feels the experience was a humble one and that others may not have survived what he did. The incident made him realize it’s time for him to serve his purpose.

When asked what advice he would give to someone who went through a traumatic life even, Golden Childd says, “Keep faith. Surround yourself with those who love you not people that you think love you who only want to be part of the moment. Take time to heal and time to be at one with yourself, which hard to do when you have distractions. Use that down time to think about how are you going to bounce back…and when you do, apply it.”

Golden Childd is truly a survivor and won’t let anything slow him down as he preps his new music.