Casonova (2x) arrived on the New York Hip-Hop scene in the summer of 2016. Putting the world on notice, telling the f**k boys not to run. “Don’t Run” radiated from radios across the city, and from the mouths of his fans eulcertified a street anthem.

Video has surfaced of Casonova standing his ground after being approached by a group of men, draped in red. Rumor has it, the men are affiliates of Tekashi 6ix9ine. Casonova, calmly removes a chain from his neck, before placing it in his pocket. As he retreats backwards, the aggressors disperse.

In addition, during a December 30th appearance at Club FREQ, 6ix9ine changed the lyrics to his chart-topping hit–“Shout out… [Casonova] but I f****d that nigga bitch.”

Following  to the incident, Casonova released a song titled “Set Trippin.” Formally “G-checking” all impostors. Some feel the song takes aim at 6ix9ine. The aggressive visual is littered with red bandannas, an item regularly draped on either shoulder, or tied around the head of 6ix9ine.

Also releasing a series of post via Instagram story, making it clear he only wants to focus on music.  He states, “music is the best thing that ever happen[ed] to me. I would’ve been like wanna of these dusty niggas.”

Futhermore, he issued an  unofficial warning to anyone willing to test him before concluding that “jail is for the birds.”

Although, he mentions no specific names, the song gets directly to the point throughout verse one and the chorus:

“Punch you in your face motherf***** I’ll knock your teeth out/Every time I come through nigga I got my heat out/If you want smoke ain’t nothing we gotta speak ’bout/See you with that red flag on what that be bout?” If the purpose is unclear, he methodically uses the bridge of the song to ask larger questions. “Who brought you home, how you turn blood? Who loc’d you in, how you turn cuz?”

6ix9ine  exploded on to the scene in the latter part of 2017.  Propelled by “Gummo,” which disseminated his “screamo” musical stylings through the streets of NY and beyond. The song currently sits in fourth on Billboard’s hot 100 as 2018 gets underway.

New York City is commanding attention in Hip Hop once again. Even so, tensions are high between two of the city’s rising talent. This is not a good look for New York Hip Hop.