They never should’ve given Fif access to Instagram.

After getting sued by the NYPD for sicking his #getthestrap hashtag on them and generally having no chill when logged on, 50 Cent took a swift jab at Jay-Z and his wave riding vehicle pic, where Jay-Z is shown riding a jet-ski, complete with helmet, lifejacket, and semi-scared facial expression.

Who knows why Hov has a helmet on in the water (because you can’t hurt your head on a wave), but Curtis decided that the first jab didn’t hit hard enough, so he put a compare and contrast pic of both Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé on their jet-skis.

50 has even hinted that the rap beef between Jigga and Nas isn’t really dead, so who knows his motive. One thing is for certain; Jay-Z is the only rapper to diss 50 Cent in a song and survive over 20 years ago, but for Mr. Jackson, they may just be enough.