I got so many felonies, I might can’t never go to Canada
But Drake said he gon’ pull some strings, so let me check my calendar
 – Gucci Mane on “Both”

Gucci Mane’s trouble with entering Canada looks to be a thing of the past. The East Atlanta rapper has received a temporary resident permit to go to Canda and hit 10 bookings through five of the country’s provinces.

TMZ reports sources close to the Canada Border Services Agency detail there is a requirement to enter the county, which is dependent on their criminal past. Gucci had a past riddled with arrests and jailed stints, however, Canada is looking the other way for this trip.

An immigration attorney helped Gucci obtain a temporary permit and he will soon be headed North.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, he is continuing to inspire people to get in shape like him.


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Look at me then! Look At me Now!! #TBT

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