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With “Life Is Good” set to drop on July 17th, much anticipation has arisen surrounding Nas’ newest release. In a recent interview with Rap-Up, Nas was asked about the late Amy Winehouse and his collaboration with her on the track, “Cherry Wine:” “Amy was just one of a kind, you know. We just clicked like that, may she rest in peace. She’s holding me down and I’m holding her down down here…it’s just love forever.

Nas was also asked about Frank Ocean, “Channel Orange” and the latest events surrounding the artist’s second release. “Shout out to Frank Ocean…shout out to everybody that’s doing something different in music… everybody is getting excited about records for the wrong reason. Listen to the music; music is number one.”


The genius, seasoned rapper clearly has the utmost respect for Amy, and respects Mr. Ocean not only for his decision to come out, but for his music.

Watch the full interview below:

Make sure to purchase “Life Is Good” only July 17th, and if you haven’t seen the booklet and production credits, check them out here!

-Kevin Shea (@kevinnshea)