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Donald Trump won’t be to happy now that Mac Miller’s hit single officially went platinum.

Remember that time Donald Trump called Mac Miller the next Eminem? Then opted to threaten to sue the young Pittsburgh emcee? Well, Mac’s having a good ol’ laugh as his hit single is officially platinum. That’s right “Donald Trump” has amassed over a million copies sold.


Benjy Grinberg who serves as the President of Rostrum Records released a statement on the platinum status. “Today is a day that will go down in Rostrum Records history. Mac Miller’s “Donald Trump” has gone platinum. This is Mac’s first platinum single and Rostrum’s first totally independent platinum song. To think that it started as a free mixtape song and now has sold 1,004,363 copies is unbelievable. Very proud over here. Thanks to everyone for their support, and to all the fans for loving great music. Here’s to more platinum hits ahead!!!”

Its just a matter of time till Trump opens his flap for attention, right?

Mac Miller and his Most Dope family are currently featured on MTV2’s latest reality series titled Mac Miller & the Most Dope Family.

– Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture)