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Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Culture all being Born to Power

Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Culture all being Born to Power. Have the useful facts(Knowledge) of a way of life (Culture) gives one the Power or the ability to influence change within those who don’t have  Knowledge of their Culture. One’s words, ways, and actions are a reflection of their Culture because the Truth of anyone(Power) is seen and heard through their Wisdom.


If you want to Know how someone lives, observe what they do and what you may pick up as their “habits.” Seems like Beyonce is in the habit of getting pregnant, with rumors swirling that her and Jiggaman are expecting their second child. The family life of those two are more entertaining than their music anyway, so congrats to Hip Hop’s Barack and Michelle. According to the Associated Press, the Justice Department has secretly obtained two months of phone records of the private numbers of their journalists and editors, to which the Attorney General is basically responding, “don’t ask why.”  If the rights of AP journalists aren’t protected, Freedom of Speech is only allowed for a selected minority. Lastly, it has been reported that two people have been arrested in connection to the alleged beating death of Malcolm Shabazz in Mexico. The fact that it was originally reported that he was thrown off a building in Tijuana is enough to suspect COINTELPRO involvement. Oh you thought that died out and dissolved in the 70s? Stay tuned.

Knowledge Culture means to accumulate all of the facts of the way a person or a people live in order to gain and Understanding of their true nature as well as their physical and mental Power. The most important person whose Culture one will ever Know is their own. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)