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It has been quite some time since the announcement of the biopic for Jimi Hendrix, All Is By My Side, starring André 3000. The film is finally ready to be released and will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.


Lucky for you, today we get to show you the official photo of 3 Stacks as the rock guru himself.

Creators of this film were able to choose the right person to play the role of Hendrix, as you can see in the official image, André 3000 looks like his clone, a spitting image of the legend who touch many hearts with his outstanding talent.

Considering the biopic of the rockstar, it is to be known that Hendrix’s estate won’t allow any of his music to be played in the film and allowed OutKast rapper to sing covers of the music from the period of 1966 & 1967. This also includes work by Muddy Waters and The Beatles.

Check out the official image above and stay tuned for any updates on this story.

Pinky (@pinky_mccoy)