This week we would like to introduce you to female MC and “The First Lady of Chicago,”  Chella H

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Born and raised in a notorious city, Chella H managed to defuse negativity in a positive aspect through her music.

Early on in her career, the first lady of Chi-town began writing songs and using music as her getaway from childhood issues; growing up fatherless, dealing with her mother’s drug addiction and being a teen mom. While escaping her personal issues, Chella H realized her passion for music was everything.


Jump starting her career, she teamed up with low end rappers from Chicago in a group called “The Fam,” which soon demolished once the main crew member had been incarcerated.

Although a lot of lows occured in her life, this didn’t discourage Chicago’s favorite female MC at all. She later joined forces with underground legend, Bump J, the founding member of Chicago’s “Goon Squad” where she then was crowned as “The First Lady of Chicago.”

Creating her brand, Chella then formed a female organization know as “RBA” aka “Mermaid Mafia” which helped her distribute her first project “Menstrual Pains,” which sold 11,000 units independently. It is known in the music industry that female MCs barely get as much recognition as they deserve; when asked how does she feel to be the first female artist to gain so much attention in Chicago she replied:

“It feels good, I’m blessed , happy, but also I am one of the first to start as far as street music on the female side so I’m grateful to get the credit and soon the world will see Chicago female rappers are the sh**!”

Chella’s main message to the world is to just be authentic and embrace reality, it’s okay to not be morally correct, be comfortable with yourself and who you are.

Being that she is a female MC we’ve asked Chella who is her favorite rapper of all time?  It wasn’t surprising to know that “Lil Kim” and “Bump J” are her biggest inspirations in hip-hop.

This beauty may have a lot on her plate, focusing on her music career, she also enjoys shopping, traveling, dating and eating at 5 Star restaurants during her off time.

What can we expect from Chella H in the next five years? “I’ll be expanding my Mermaid Mafia brand and movement as a whole.”  

Get to know this beauty from Chi-town as you will soon become familiar with this face and her music!

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