the invasion

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The Invasion-Producers

The Invasion includes: Iamsu!, P-Lo, Jay Ant, Kuya, and Chief. They handle majority of the HBK’s production, thus they have helped to craft their group’s unique sound. We’ve already highlighted most of the members, but we haven’t spoken on Kuya and Chief. Both are integral to the success of the crew.


Kuya’s name is in the production credits of most of HBK’s projects. He was responsible for some of fan favorites like: “5th Wheel (Iamsu!)”, “Push (Jay Ant)”, and “Rich Girl$ (P-Lo)”. He has a talent for finding unique samples and working his way around a synthesizer.

Chief, whose presence is on almost every track released, is HBK’s engineer. While his name isn’t on as many projects for production, his talents are definitely heard on every mixtape.