Love and Hip Hop-The Source Sometimes it’s Hard to Say Goodbye

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Last week on the VH1 hit series, Love & Hip Hop, it was all about love and heartbreak as Tahiry didn’t accept Joe’s proposal &  Erica J. was making it work with Saigon by moving in together.

This week on the season finale, it is all about the drama as Rashidah and Tahiry officially end their friendship for good, Yandy wonders about her future with Mendeecees and Rich, Erica M. and Cyn are in conflict with each other.


Her Source count down the top five moments from the season finale. Check them out below:

1. Tahiry and Rashidah officially say goodbye to their friendship

While out for Erica M.’s performance, Tahiry runs into Rashidah and she pulls her to the side. When she pulls her to the side, she does what is right by apologizing to her for being selfish and not caring about her wedding. As they were talking, Rashidah used the time to throw shade about what Tahiry did in her past and Tahiry threw shade back at her. Sometimes when you are in a situation like this it is best to say goodbye to it as your life gets better.

2. Yandy ponders about her future with Mendeecees

While out looking for a place for her charity, Yandy receives a call from Mendeecees and she tells him that she can’t keep waiting on him forever since he is locked up and she still doesn’t know when he is coming home. Ladies, always remember hold down your man no matter what the circumstances are. 

3. Erica J. made the decision to move out of her father’s house 

While moving some of her stuff out of her father’s house, Erica J. made the decision to move in with Saigon. They are in the car moving some of her stuff to his house, Saigon told her some house rules and one of them is not doing number two.  It is always good to see a couple wanting that old thing back to benefit their child. 

4. Erica M. performs her new single, “Dancing All Over The World”

She finally got the opportunity to perform her new single, “Dancing All Over The World,” despite having her last single taken from her. She felt that it was the time to show the world who she really is. Erica M. knows how to pick a single with a catchy beat and chorus.

5. Cyn confronts Rich and Erica M. about them sleeping with each other

When she finished with her performance, Rich decides to use the time to get at Cyn about him and Erica M. sleeping together. This is making her furious to the point that she walks away from the two of them and Rich is enjoying every moment of it. Cyn is the only one that is making sense in this situation and there’s obviously chemistry between Erica M. and Rich. 

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-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)