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final four, kentucky, ncaa, riot, uconnNo. 7 UConn took the 2014 NCAA title home last night after defeating No. 8 Kentucky in a dramatic 60-54 win. Following tradition of most sports championship wins, the fans took to the streets to “celebrate” after the game. Fires were started, signs were torn down, cars were flipped, riot police were called. the usual.

I’ll never understand why victory always brings more riots than defeat. Oh wait, these kids are 18-24 and have been drunk for 14 hours straight. I remember those days. Not really, but sort of. Regardless, a ton of damage was done and some arrests were made, but in the morning UConn men’s basketball were the best in the country. Checkout some of the scene’s pics and video, below. Did you have UConn winning it all?


Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM