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big glo

Just a five days before he was gunned down in Chicago’s Englewood section of the city, Big Glo spoke with VladTV. During the interview Glo talked about the violence in Chicago and he reminisced about the time he was badly beaten and having to spend months in the hospital.

“I had got into it with some of the big bosses. I was rebellious, I didn’t want to listen, I thought I could do my own thing, they caught up with me one day on the way to the crib, on my way to my daddy crib. They chased me down, my asthma kicked in, I had to stop. They stomped me out, put me in the hospital, knocked all my teeth out. I was in the hospital for a couple months. My mouth was wired shut.”


When asked about the violence in Chicago, Glo blamed it on the lack of leadership in the streets.

“No direction. No organization. It’s a free ball. It’s a free ballgame, may the best man win in Chicago and they play for keeps. It’s like, the older guys, they smart. They looking at it like, ‘ok, if I can get these shorties out here to do it, I can save myself a jail sentence. I can glow them up make them feel like they straight, like they alright. Give them the guns and the glow they gon’ start shooting.”

Glo continued. “It’s different than when I came up. I’m 30. so, when I was coming up, when I was 18 and 17 and 16, I was doing time for something I did at 12 and 11. I was doing time for that, so I didn’t have time to experience what they experienced growing up. Before I went to jail my family had a lot of money. I came up around a lot of big time drug dealers with money. So, I really didn’t have to do a lot.”

Also during the interview Glo talked about spending time in jail for drugs.

“I caught a case for possession of controlled substance, I got caught with like 90 bags of crack-cocaine and I went to the penitentiary. I went to the county first, when I got caught with 90 bags of cocaine. When I was 11 I got caught with some other shit. Like, when I got caught with the 90 bags of cocaine, what I did when I was 11 caught up. I’d rather not speak on it, it was bogus, but I was fighting that case up to I was like 14-years old. Then I went to jail, the judge sentenced me to originally four months I didn’t come home until like forty-six months. I caught more in-house cases.”

Glo, who singed Interscope Records before losing his life, credits 2 Pac, Eightball & MJG and Chicago native Do Or Die for inspiring him to rap.

Darryl Robertson (@darryl_robertson)