chance the rapperChance The Rapper has steadily been increasing his social reach and continues to demonstrate his love for his hometown. Chicago has been suffering from a steady momentum of gun violence, which has led to its particularly telling nicknames: The Murder Capital and Chiraq. Majority of these of crimes take place in low income areas, in black or brown communities. These trends have gained national attention, especially with the recent wave of mass shootings all of over the country. A number of different groups have risen up to correct this plight, which Chance and his father have decided to partner with.

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Taking to his twitter account, Chance announced his father’s #SaveChicago campaign, which is a collaboration with other local community organizations. While this is an ongoing movement, it was specifically intended to keep the streets clear and safe during Memorial Day. It was more than a noble feat, as the rapper attempted to only use his stature and social media presence as a platform for others to use. #SaveChicago was a huge success, as the city of Chicago went 42 hours without a gun homicide.

Check out his tweets below and look out for more opportunities to help with this important and incredible cause.




Jimi (@Nativejimi)