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Reunions, Robberies, Wayne & Drizzy, O MY!

Here is a detailed (maybe too much so) recap of our time at Summer Jam 2014


Before we got there artists like Childish Gambino, Nipsey Hussle, Chinx, Mack Wilds, Chinx, August Alsina as well as the current owner of the number 1 and 2 songs in the country Iggy Azalea, props to her for not thinking she’s too “Fancy” for the festival stage.


Jhene Aiko, looking gorgeous (obviously) performed her track “Bead Peace” with Childish Gambino as well as her new song “Stay Ready” which features her rap alter ego J Henny.  She then covered 2pac‘s “Keep Your Head Up”, and mentioned that the crowd should let us know “if her vag is showing”

After their performances both Aiko and Azalea took to twitter to argue with digital haters.  Aiko admitted to being kind of drunk after saying to one tweeter ““Fuck you hating ass punks . lol. I don’t do it for you ! I do it for the lovers ! Next time… YOU get on stage and do it better ! FOH!” and Azalea took specifc issue with fans comparing her to others saying “dont flex someone else’s achievements”

Summer Jam Main Stage:

I bumped into Action Bronson outside the Hot 97 platinum lounge, he was wearing adidas flip flops and seemed very hyped to perform.  He met up with Ab-Soul and Karen Civil .

Troy Ave  came out and performed a few tracks including “your style” during it TI came out and rocked along with but didnt perform anything,  The set was over quickly.

Action was on next, his set was solid but it’s kind of tuff winning over a disjointed crowd in the daytime, he ended his set in typical Bronson fashion by walking through the audience

Next up was Wiz Khalifa. His set was highly entertaining, he brought out Snoop Dog who performed “The Next Episode” , then the dup performed their hit “Young Wild And Free”.  Wiz closed out by doing “We Dem Boyz” which went over VERRY well, even with it still being early and the stadium not yet full this was easily one of the biggest responses of the entire show

Sevyn Streeter was up next, I missed that (sorry Sevyn fans).

The Roots were next, their set was fun but they basically played the house band for all their guests.  First The Lox came out and performed a number of classics.  Next was Dres of Black Sheep, “back on scene” went over well but not as good as it probably should of been.
M.O.P came out to perform Ante Up, I lost it.

After the roots performance they put on the big screen two girls making out, this was one of if not the biggest responses of the whole night

Trey Songz set had to be the surprise overachiever of the night for me.  Even though he’s a an R&B singer he controlled the crowd incredibly well. Ty Dolla $ign came out to perform “Paranoid” for the first time (more on that later), Trey also had the crowd sing along with Chris Brown’s  “loyal” (for the second time, Streeter did a Chris Brown “tribute” earlier) and later chant “free CB” which was also  a top moment audience wise.  When this guy gets out of jail its gonna be a PROBLEM.

Nas was next.  He did pretty standard Nas fare, which is always amazing, taking a moment to bask in the fact that he had been around for 20 years.  He next let the crowd know that he love most “Ni#$as From The Hood”, and proceeded to bring out Meek Mill.

Meek started with his new single “I Dont Know” featuring Paloma Ford (who was there to perform, and by perform i mean lip synch and look pretty), the song sounded good but it hast fully hit yet as too much of the crowd didn’t fully know it.

Meek did “Intro” and the place went BANANAS (arguably the biggest moment). My only gripe is he did most of the later part of the song acapella.  Had he kept the beat more I think it would of rode better.

French Monatana (who had already been seen canoodling with Khloe Kardashian backstage prior) came out to perform the DJ Khaled summer banger “Love You Know More”.  Again another possible top response moment.  He also did “Aint worried about nothing” which had been played at least 4 times previous to this by the DJ’s.

Eventually we got back to Nas, many on Twitter made the joke along the lines of  “o yea this is a nas set”.  He then did Hate Me Now, and turned the second verse into an introduction for none other than previous friend turned rival 50 Cent!

50 got the crowd hyped first by performing “Whatup Gangsta” from his classic album Get Rich Or Die Trying.

Then the moment of the night happened, 50 one by one brought out G-Unit.  First Lloyd Banks came onstage to pefrom a few seconds of “Fire”, then Tony Yayo for “So Seductive” and then Young Buck for “Shorty Wanna Ride”.  The “performances” were at most 30 seconds long.

Strangely instead of basking the G-Unit reunion glory 50 then went in to some of his new music, with Trey Songz coming out to perform “Smoke” off the upcoming (June 3rd) album Animal Ambition.  The fact that 50 had G-Unit basically play his hype men after coming out wasnt just noticeable to the fans, Young Buck spent a good amount of time on the mic pleading with 50 to let him rock, so much so that it got pretty awkward with 50 having to placate him by putting his hand up and seemingly telling him to back off.  At one point Buck seemed pretty pissed off and it seemed things were getting tense until 50 went into the G-Unit cut and Ja Rule diss “I Smell Pussy” again no Buck verse, but Banks and Yayo rocked out for a minute.  In general of all the ex G-Unit members Banks came off best having got to pefrom a few solid verses.

Next was another huge moment when 50 had the crowd put all their lighters and phones in the air for the intro to Fabolous‘s “Cuffin Season”, Fab came out to perform the new remix which features 50, and the crowd LOST THEIR SHIT.

50/Slow Buck Chain Snatching Incident:

So unbeknownst to many 50 Cent & SBOE cliques Slow have had some behind the scenes tension as of late, with 50 talking a bit about him in this Funk Master Flex interview. Also there was this Instagram with Slow, Trav (who 50 had tension with in the past) and 50’s son Marquise as well as  the comment from 50 “This picture was a bad idea”

So back to Sunday night, while Fab was performing a fight broke out on stage.

From this clip it seems apparent Slow who (you can see pretty clear in the clip above as well) caught a few shots and then ran off stage.

Now after the incident people were saying on Twitter that “50 cent punched robbed and stole Slow Buck’s Chain and continued performing”.  I found this to be somewhat confusing seeing as 50 seemed to be wearing the chains he had on all performance long

However in this clip you can obviously see someone (most likely Slow) get their chain quickly taken.

Seeing what his neck looked like before and after the incident is a bit confusing honestly and it somewhat looks like he had additional chains on (somewhat),

however the time period when he ducks out of the picture during Fab’s verse was before the fight actually happened so I’m not really sure when he would of put the chains on around his neck as people claimed.

Heres an additional clip of the incident, and a previous post we had about the altercation.

After that whole thing 50 performed more songs, including his record “Don’t Worry Bout it” with Yo Gotti who hit the stage as well, and later performed his verse off Snootie Wild‘s “YAYO” which got a huge ovataion.

Eventually he began a rant of sorts that sounded alot like the end of his tracks back when he was on top, unfortunately he made reference to being banned from Summer Jam and something about Hot 97 program director Ebro and soon after his mic was cut and the set was over.

Next up was Nicki Minaj who started things off with a bang by brining out Young Thug to do the chorus and verse from his smash  “Danny Glover” Nicki then did her rendition.

She breezed through her set featuring a slew of hits and 2014 joints, including “Yass Bitch” when she brought out Soulja Boy, and “Chi-Raq” when she brought out Lil Herb (G Herbo).

The moments of the night came when she went on a bit of rant saying she hadn’t seen a certain person in a while and then even said “Drake, I used to love you but nig#a I don’t Fuck with you no more”, immediately after Drake came out and performed “Worst Behavior”.  After tearing it down he picked up Nicki who was mid sentence into calling him “her baby fada”
Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 12.33.29 PM






















causing many on Twitter to speculate, especially considering Rihanna was backstage at the concert (seemingly as Drake’s Date). Drake mumbled “I could stay like that all day”.  After she called him “the people champ” and he again kinda mumbled “you know i love you”

Drake then launched into the new Carter V single “Believe Me” and brought the crowd into a frenzy when Lil Wayne came out (masked at first) to perform his song.

After, Nicki gave an incredibly heartfelt speech (seemingly on the verge of tears) to Lil Wayne, all jokes aside it was really touching.

Finally Wayne launched into his verse on Loyal (which at this point was about the 4th or 5th time we heard the song) & Drake closed out the set with “Trophies”

At this point nearly half the stadium cleared out, many saying “Mustard’s set got cut”, this was not the case.  About 5 minutes after Nicki left the stage Hot 97’s Cypha Sounds came out to let the crowd know the show was not in fact over.

Mustard performed a great set of hits which included Ty Dolla $ign again performing “Paranoid”, A$AP Ferg performing what I think would of been the loudest moment of the night if the crowd hadn’t left in his smash “Work” and then “Shabba”.

Kid Ink had a pretty incredible response when he came out to perform his hit records “Main Chick” & “Show Me”

YG came out and tore shit down with “Who Do You Love” (no Drake) & “My Ni%ga” where he brought out Young Jeezy, who I have a conspiracy theory that they had something against because of how often he was performing and yet wasn’t being shown on the screen.

Overall it was a pretty great Summer Jam with lots of individual highlights, sure some of the execution wasn’t perfect but what ever is .


Spencer @sjeezs