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After years of discussion, mixed emotions from fans and even from the stars themselves, production on the sequel to the 90’s comedy classic ‘Dumb & Dumber began in September 2013; now we have a trailer!

The trailer begins with Jim Carrey‘s character Lloyd Christmas being greeted by  Harry Dunne who is played by Jeff Daniels at a hospital where Lloyd has apparently been faking illness for 20 years “just as a gag”, hilarious right?  The trailer goes on to pretty much show that this is the same movie we saw 20 years ago.  Unfortunately much like many peoples pre production concerns, that kind of comedy may just not be as hilarious as it once was.


However veteran comedy directors The Farely Brothers know what they’re doing; the trailer ends with one of if not the most ridiculous and raunchy scenes any one has witnessed in a trailer, especially a non Redband (R Rated) one like this.  Even crazier, the trailer was premiered last night on network TV on NBC‘s ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’.


Watch the trailer below, as well as funny skit the two did with Jimmy last night HERE, and tell us what you think on Facebook & Twitter

Spencer @sjeezs