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Half of my ni*** got time/ We done real things, by ’94 became the subject of half y’all n**** rhymes- Jay Z 

It may seem like there isn’t one iota of love in the heart of New York’s Hot 97’s host of The Breakfast Club, Charlamange Tha God. Despite his cold-natured image, The South Carolina native has a positive vibe. During an interview with Vlad TV, Tha God dished out advice on how to be real. “Everybody wants to be a goon, thug, hood n***, real n****. Just be a man. A real man. It’s cool. Real men know how to move as real men. Real men won’t allow themselves to be disrespected. Real men aren’t punks. But, when you wanna do that goon, thug sh**: Pop pills, drink lean and ride around with guns and all that other sh** and knowing that you ain’t supposed be moving around like this–especially if your on probation…There are consequences for your actions,” Charlamange said.

When asked about rapper Gucci Mane’s tribulations, Charlamange said that Gucci needs help instead of jail. “If he’s feeling unstable then he needs some type of rehabilitation, he needs help not jail,” Charlamange said.


To watch the entire video click here.

Darryl Robertson (@darryl_robertson)