Shooting Outside Red Rocks Show Leaves 3 Injured , Schoolboy intended target?

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Updated 6/20 10:30 pm

Last night Nas, Schoolboy Q & Flying Lotus performed just outside of Denver CO, at famed concert venue Red Rocks. Shortly after the show ended an altercation in the parking lot led to a shooting in which 3 victims were sent to a Denver Hospital for their injuries.


Local authorities have said that they do not have any suspects in the ongoing case and no one has been taken into custody, however photos of Schoolboy Q being  obviously”detained” have hit the internets.

Schoolboy Q Shooting Nas Detained Arrested Custody denver red rock co colorado




Ironically, the camera man for local ABC affiliate didn’t realize his photo was of Q.

Earlier today our current cover star took to Twitter to let followers and fans know everything is cool

Stay tuned as we will update with any new developments as they come in.

Update 6/20 10:30 pm est
The La Times is reporting that Schoolboy Q was in the car that was shot at resulting in 3 victims shot last night. Reports state a gunman opened fire on the car using a rifle and afterward retreated to the brush area outside of the venue parking lot where the shooting took place.

Billboard is also reporting that Q & 4 others were shot at in a white sports utility vehicle and then drove 15 miles where they were pulled over by police and that Schoolboy was indeed “questioned”

Stay tuned.

Spencer @sjeezs