“How does he do it?” That’s the question almost every fan, casual or avid, asked yesterday, concerning Tim Howard, after his unbelievable performance against Belgium in the United States’ World Cup Round of 16 match. The U.S. fell unfortunately, by a score of 2-1, to the relentless Belgian crew, but had it not been for a mind-boggling performance from Howard, the score could just as easily been 7-1. We’re not kidding.

Apparently, FIFA was having the same incredulous thoughts of Howard’s performance, because according to Howard, as told to the guys on ESPN’s Mike & Mike In The Morning, he was “randomly drug tested” following the game.


No word on the results of the drug test as of press time, but no need to worry. That was just a ridiculous showing of that good old American pride and spirit. See you in 2018, Timmy.