Uh-oh Instagram is in a lot of trouble…or are they?

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If you have any access to social networks, without a doubt you have seen the photo above which have been created into dozens of memes that’s shared amongst millions of people—including celebrities.

The girl in the photo, Keisha Johnson, 16, is suing Instagram. Yikes!


According to Odgossip.com, the teenager who resides in Birmingham, Alabama, is upset with the way her photo has been shared and mocked. She revealed that one of her friends took a photo of her and uploaded it to Instagram. Shortly after, her photo went viral and everybody started mocking her pose.

“My face looked ugly like I was about to throw up. I look nothing like that in real life… Im really a bad b*tch!” said Johnson according to Odgossip.com.


-Sherley Boursiquot


  • Tim says:

    I think you look cool in the photo. Yes I am sure that you have photos that capture you better but that was wrong for what people have done to you. I hope you win girl. That will teach people to think before they do something next time.

    • j says:

      Tim – she is suing instagram, a place where you can post photos. they didnt make the meme of her why should she win against instagram. she should go after the people that are using her picture. it’s freedom of the internet. no rules or laws saying you can’t post stuff like that and it’s not directed towards her either its just using a picture of her.

  • sade says:

    well she should sue her friend because if you can sign up for instagram your old enough to read the by laws and know what you let your friend post of you will be on the internet she not a kid she’s a teen and as a teen you make decision that will affect you and most people look at photo’s before they post it to instagram. if she wins good for her if she lose welp she learned a lesson and if this is over how she look she need a lesson in vainty because she look pretty

  • That’s the shitty face she’ll be making in court cause her friend should have read the user agreement. Insta owns everything that gets uploaded. Get a brain Internet! You became a meme. You should try to capitalize from it in other ways. It isn’t Mark Zuckerbergs problem you made a stupid face and are too uncreative to figure out how to make money from it. I bet you could have set up a Youtube channel called “WTF Ho?” or something else dumb and you’d be getting checks. Oh yeah, you a bad bitch alright…

    • Jeremy says:

      yeah that’s a REALLY good point. though terms and conditions aren’t necessarily ironclad, i’m pretty sure the court is going to see this as the responsibility of her friend, if anyone.

      and anyway, this picture is hillarious. that’s the face you make when you can’t believe how f***ing stupid someone is being. You’re damn right she should capitalize on it. Youtube channel, merchandise, etc.

    • Lol she is so not a bad bitch. She ugly as fuck. No where near a bad bitch.

    • Sha says:

      I was thinking the same thing.. In fact pose some more. Maybe a commercial or movie deal will be made from that. Be a hashtag hero or something. Enjoy the attention. Don’t get mad get glad.. A pretty ridiculous amount considering this happens everyday.

    • Exactly. But that would take brains. Ghetto ho only knows one way to monetize, that’s to sue The Man. She’s going to be sorely disappointed. Don’t quit your welfare benefits, Keisha LOL

  • BobMarley says:

    If you click “accept these terms and conditions” then It’s not Instagram’s responsibility after that, it is yours. Also, I’m sure you are able to request photos to be taken down by request if you can prove you are that person etc. I haven’t read the Terms and conditions so i don’t know for sure, but I don’t think the uploader read them either.

  • true say says:

    Everyone looking for easy money…I think she got to stop doing this face and start to read then term and conditions they are there for some reason..500 million where people come out with this amount of money…I think she

  • destiny says:

    Number one, Keisha was NOT the one who posted the picture, her friend did. She probably didn’t even know her friend did it. If it was YOUR picture being taken without permission and ridiculed, you’d be mad too. @ Anthony Gucci, Keisha actually settled out of court for $10 million so I wouldn’t call her stupid at all. She’s actually pretty smart. She took advantage of an embarrassing moment by being a ‘first mover’ and sued Instagram with a high likelihood that her lawyers would find some loophole to pounce on and they did. Now she’s a millionaire.

  • Jean says:

    Wow it’s the internet and by laws are protected against dumb people. She can’t sue and she’ll never win. Her friend uploaded the photo and those for the photo went public.

  • Rod says:

    I hope people sue those useless time wasting privacy invading information stealing social media sites out of business. I know read the fine print you acknowlege they steal from you and they own everything you give them and you know what goes out there stays out there and a billion people are going to see it. We’ve gotten so used to being scammed stolen from used and abused by these creepy weirdos we accept anything and everything they tell us. Get a brain folks they’re billionairs on your personal info and they get it for free. And no I don’t have any social media accounts because I’m not a dumbass!

  • Mike Siv says:

    I hope she loses just for lying and saying she’s a bad bitxx. When clearly she isn’t. She got no hair. Needs a nose job. A fat pit bull neck. A huge forehead! The ugliest pair of lips I’ve ever seen. And boy o boy those small creepy retard ears!!! Yeah you definitely deserve to be a meme! Idgaf yeah i said it!!!

  • To all ya’ll going, “She clicked accept on terms and agreements.” Point #1 She’s 16. Point #2 Her friends posted a picture of her without her permission. Instagram and her friends… should be in trouble… but they are also probably 16. Thing is, we don’t have laws to cover this sort of thing so… good try ya’ll.