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In a setting you would expect Jeffrey Dahmer to find comfort, up and coming rappers Bukkweat BillJ $tash (Florida Boyz) release visuals for 666, a theme that has been common to their youthful endeavors, at least for Bukk that is.

Bukk, esteemed for his 666Forever Floridian anthem, is known for his hellish demeanor, his often possessive behavior, and his prevalent demonic references bullet-riddled throughout his lyrics, perhaps contradictory to the tattooed Fredo-esque cross stamped on his forehead.


In a Straight-Outta-Hell manner, Bukk and J film their visuals presenting a sample for their upcoming collab release entitled Florida Boyz atop gravestones and in rubble infested basements with scenarios that look familiar to First 48 episodes, and even the devil makes an appearance in their music video.

Bukk and J seem to advance with every last release, as they present and develop themselves as artists with potential longevity. J fresh off his Nuthin Remix featuring A$AP Ant that has receiveds significant YouTube and media attention, and Bukk off his lightly put incredible Judge Judy music video release, 666 pairs well with what they continue to develop into, and showcases their artistry in full effect.

Check out the visual here.


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