The Jekyll and Hyde Club was the perfect venue for the revealing of the “Annabelle” doll. 

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The restaurant and bar with a spooky decor and a creepy vibe got just a bit scarier with Annabelle visiting. Approximately a hundred attendees mixed and mingle while waiting for the unveiling of the highly anticipated Annabelle doll. In one corner of the private area there was a warning sign listing the dangers the doll may cause to those who wanted to take an up close and personal photograph. Although, Annabelle was locked in a glass case attendees still had to sign a waiver stating they knew the dangers the doll could potentially bring while also wearing an “evil eye bracelet” to protect their spirits.



A Curandero, which is a Hispanic shaman, did a blessing over the room. He began with sipping and spitting out rum three times. The rum is to give the room power and strength. He then proceeded to puff a cigar and that was to bring good energy. After, he had a red handkerchief, which broke any evil spirit; he swung it in an “X” formation, which was to cut any bad energy. Lastly, he recited the “Our Father” in Spanish, which ended the blessing.  After the blessing, Tony Amendola spoke to guest about his experience with the doll and filming the movie. Guests then had the opportunity to take pictures with the caged doll.

The film “Annabelle” hits theaters October 3.

-Rian Castille