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They got us in a trap

Over the last few years Wyclef Jean has been pretty quiet musically , releasing the occasional song or feature verse as well as  somewhat trying to put into realty his own song “If I were president” by actually running for president of Haiti, all the while somehow keeping fans hopes that some sort of Fugees reunion might, maybe, could happen.  Well now he has returned in a new way, along side the rap styling of cigar smoking, soft cadenced,  Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Dunafon.


Where to start with this polit-rap masterpiece.  Here’s a sample of the chorus

 They got us in a trap, they wanna keep us in a trap, critical thinking for critical times”

Dunafon is sure to get some support from the typical rap fans with stance on hemp, and ending of marijuana prohibition, but its the way he seamlessly ties in  other elements of his platform toward the end of the final verse that really bring the heat rock of a record home.

Watch the clip above, and do your best not to re-evaluate existence.

Spencer has been playing “Nappy Heads” by the Fugees on repeat to get this song out of his head, follow him on twitter to see if its working – @sjeezs

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