Kanye might be endorsing a rather questionable character

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Early this morning, Kanye West–who just spent a pretty eventful week in Paris for Fashion Week, including his wife, Kim Kardashian, getting attacked by a notorious prankster, and getting booed at the Lanvin show–gave John Galliano a glowing endorsement on Twitter, and expressed his excitement over the former Dior designer being named the Creative Director at Maison Martin Margiela.



This tweet was followed by a couple other celebratory tweets regarding the leading names in fashion, including recognition of Hedi Slimane–who Ye famously name dropped in his classic interview with Zane Lowe–of Yves Saint Laurent. However, Kanye may have thrown a pretty big acknowledgement towards someone that a lot of people might not feel comfortable with. John Galliano used to be a head designer at Dior, who also hosted his his self-titled line, until a night of throwing racial and anti-semitic slurs at fellow bar-goers resulted in his getting fired from being head designer.

The night in question was in 2011, during which Galliano reportedly yelled at a Jewish woman, “People like you would be dead today. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be fucking gassed.”

Woah. Galliano was fired from both the John Galliano line and Dior in the same year (2011).